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WeTransfer review

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Amy Morton

WeTransfer review

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Are you looking for a way to transfer your files, documents, photos, videos, or just about anything from one device to another? WeTransfer is your best and only option to do so without the limitations of storage space. Share up to 10GB of content within minutes and for absolutely no cost.

Interface 4/5

Sharing content just got easier with WeTransfer. The app is insanely simplistic, yet impressively efficient. Transferring files from one device to another requires no more than a couple of taps on your mobile device. You can either choose to transfer content from your gallery or capture new files using the camera on your device and share them instantly. You can send the chosen documents through various means, and all it takes is a click on the “transfer” button. During the transfer process, you get to enjoy beautiful and serene backgrounds that keep you entertained while you wait for the files to transfer. There are even a cancel button and a pause button in case you wish to cancel or pause the transfer.

Features 4/5

While there are a number of different apps available that help you transfer content seamlessly, WeTransfer really stands out for its hardcore dedication to quick and easy file sharing. The app is so easy that it requires just a few taps to go from selecting the content to sending it instantly. You can even use the tap and hold function to take a sneak peek at the videos and photos, so you're sure about what you're sending. If you're sending multiple items at a time, tap once on the first item and then double tap on the remaining items. Have an insane amount of photos, videos, documents, and files? Just swipe with two fingers to scroll through your content month wise. You can also use three fingers to scroll to the end of the page. The app gives you the chance to stop, cancel, or pause your transfer at any time.

Usability 4/5

WeTransfer is, as mentioned before, one of the easiest file sharing apps available online. Not only does it take a couple of taps to send out your content, but it also helps you send multiple items at once with a tap and hold function. The app is remarkably efficient and quick. Select what you want to share and tap the “next” button which takes you to the page where you enter the recipient's email address. After entering the email, tap on the transfer button and watch as your items fly through the internet and to the receiving device. You can keep a track of how much of the transfer is complete while you enjoy one of the hundreds of breathtaking background images. You can tap cancel or pause to stop or pause the transfer from the same screen. It is as easy as one, two, tap.

Compatibility 4/5

When it comes to file sharing apps, compatibility is a major concern. While some apps are compatible with one operating system, others are not, and vice-versa. Luckily, WeTransfer is supported on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems which make it a worldwide phenomenon. The app is supported on both smartphones as well as tablets. There is no desktop version of the app currently.

The Bottom Line

In the end, file sharing is all about getting your documents, photos, videos, and more from A to B without having to worry about security and privacy. That is exactly what WeTransfer bring to the table and a lot more. It is definitely one of the most useful tools available online today.

Interface 4

Content and features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 4

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