Snow survey partners assembles in Mount Shasta

Snow survey partners assembles in Mount Shasta

In 1959’s February, a huge 189 inches snow fell in during a storm in Mt. Shasta’s old Ski Bowl – this is a fact received from cooperative snow survey program of the state.

Previous week, around 80 program stakeholders from California came in Mount Shasta to talk about water linked activities accomplished over the year. The annual cooperators meeting had representatives from local, federal and state agencies that gather and utilize info from snow surveys.

The very last time the meeting took place was in 2005 in the Mt. Shasta area, stated David Rizzardo, the chief of water supply forecasting and snow surveys for the Department of Water Resources of the state. He added that DWR’s hydrology branch has 2 main missions; forecasting runoff for the whole state as well as the administration of snow survey job.

This yearly meeting is needed by California water law and representatives from US Bureau of Reclamation, DWR, PG&E, US Geological Survey, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, East Bay Municipal Utility District, , California Department of Fish and Game, US Army Corps of Engineers, the National Weather Service as well as several other agencies were asked to join the meeting.

Each of these bodies has an interest in the water supply of the state, whether it is to foretell runoff from watersheds, for agricultural purposes or handle hydroelectric power generation. Rizzardo’s parents are from Mount Shasta and he told that it was up to him; they have been here many times.