PDF Reader & PDF Viewer Ebook

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PDF Reader & PDF Viewer Ebook review

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Amy Morton

PDF Reader & PDF Viewer Ebook review

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PDF reader and PDF viewer EBook is quite self-explanatory an app. The name itself suggests what its job is and it is one of the really good ones doing that work in the app market right now. Ever since everything from entertainment to business went digital, PDF files have been of utmost importance – and as a consequent, apps that can read them as well. 

Interface 4/5

PDF reader and PDF viewer Ebook comes with a fun and interesting user interface. As it is clear from the name once again, you can read as many eBooks you want on this app easily and with great convenience. The interface has a bookshelf feature where you can see your hard-earned collection of eBooks just like you get to see your paper books on the real bookshelf. PDF reader and PDF viewer Ebook app allows you to read in any way you want the pages to be – you can fit it in one screen, or you can zoom in for a better look.; you can read the eBook or files vertically or horizontally as well. 

Features 5/5

  • The main and foremost feature is quick and clinical reading of PDF and other similar documents with one tap from the library;
  • You can zoom in and out – whatever it needs to make the document readable to you and less stressful for your eyes;
  • There are options for highlighting and adding comments in wherever the user deems fit;
  • You can use bookmarks in the PDF reader and PDF viewer Ebook app just like you can put in real books. It helps you to go back easily to the right where you left last time. It saves you time and energy wasted in finding among the many tiny words exactly where you stopped reading;
  • The display can be changed from portrait to landscape to suit you;
  • You can search files and documents within the app without having to go through your entire storage rummaging for a file. 

Usability 5/5

PDF reader and PDF viewer has a bigger usability than its name lets on. Some formats of eBooks other than PDF can also be read in this app. PDF reader and PDF viewer Ebook supports formats like XPS, DjVu, the format of comic books – CBZ and the most popular eBook format – ePub. You can get hundreds of eBooks from the online sites or Google Books and read them on your own time off the bookshelf of this app. If you are an avid reader, keep the icon on your home screen desktop to get a two-tap access to the book you are currently reading.

Compatibility 4/5

The PDF reader and PDF viewer Ebook app is compatible with Android OS of versions 4.1 and above. The newly updated version that became available in the Play Store in December is equipped with application optimization and comes with a new logo, and some minor bugs got fixed. It is expected to run smoother now with the revised version and give a better user experience.

Bottom Line

Reading your office documents on the go or enjoying a little read while travelling to office is made easy by the PDF reader and PDF viewer Ebook. It also allows you to check any mail consisting of PDF attachments, in case you don’t have a PC nearby.

Interface 4

Content and features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 4

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