New Dispensers for Dogs

New Dispensers for Dogs

Now, dog owners have no excuse while enjoying the beauty of Mount Shasta parks. The Shastice Park as well as Mount Shasta City authorities have installed brand new dispensers which are full with bags for cleaning dog’s poo.

Mike Rodriguez, the District administrator of Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks, told that dog owners are urged to use these bags. With 2 dispensers have been placed in each park and signs are there at other places as well to let the local visitors and travelers know that the bags are there and it would remind them to the correct thing.

Kim Latos, the shelter manager, told that this project is actually a collaboration among Mount Shasta Animal Control, Siskiyou Humane Society and Recreation and Parks District. Last month, the Humane Society Board chose to give $ 800 for this project.

Rodriguez, too, is asking the dog owners to comply the law. He told the park gets calls regarding dogs that are running free, interrupting picnics, jumping on kids, swimming in the Sacramento River headwaters as well as defecating on lawn areas.

Rodriguez further added that it is a huge problem when it comes to maintain the park. It is actually a safety issue and nobody wants their children to eat something which is left behind a dog. There is also a park for dogs at the Shastice where owners can let their dogs off leashes while exercising, training or socialization purposes, said head of maintenance, John Zanni. He asked dog owners to use the space that is maintained by the community volunteers.