Mt. Shasta is there to make you happy

Mt. Shasta is there to make you happy

If you are thinking of huge, then your dreams will take you to Mount Shasta (14179 foot) for the ultimate hiking experience, fly-fishing or flat-water paddling in this northern state. Along with San Francisco waterfront, Disneyland, Redwood Empire, Monterey/Big Sur, Tahoe and Yosemite, Mount Shasta is another popular destination in California.

Mount Shasta is off the actual grid, apart from those who drive past by Interstate 5. This place can really be a life changing experience. With few people around, this can be a nice recreational place. Even during bike races and concerts, one can still see some serene places to spend a clam and peaceful day.

At 6,950 feet, Bunny Flat Trailhead is the most well known trailhead in the north state. One can drive just right up and see the spectacular view of mountain above. It is a 1.8 mile hike along with a climb of 900 feet to the Horse Camp where you will find the Sierra Club Hut and an artesian spring.

Another 2 mile drive will take you to the historic ski area of Old Ski Bowl, which is another place that was wiped out after an avalanche. There are picnic places and the view is simple breathtaking.

Paddling is another popular recreation and from Canada to Mexico, Lake Siskiyou is the prettiest. Several vacationers stop at this place to make camp or rent a cabin to swim, fish or play. Flat-water kayaking I also popular at this place. Here you can look at Eddy Range at one side and Mount Shasta on another.