MT Shasta Stands Tall

MT Shasta Stands Tall

Refreshing news from Mount Shasta I read an article in the online magazine Yes! about the laudable steps the Siskiyou County town of Mount Shasta is taking to keep big corporations and other behemoths, such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola and PG&E, from sucking its lifeblood and trampling its environment via such practices as large-scale water extraction and regional cloud-seeding using the toxic chemical silver iodide.

The Mt. Shasta Community Rights Project gathered more than 700 signatures in support of the Mt. Shasta Community Water Rights and Self-Government Ordinance, created to establish the community’s right to manage its own resources as it sees fit.

The proposed ordinance, to be voted on in an upcoming special or general election, “would refuse to recognize corporate personhood, explicitly place the rights of community and local government above the economic interests of multinational corporations, and recognize the rights of nature to exist, flourish and evolve,” said Yes! writer Allen D. Kanner.

Mount Shasta is part of a growing municipal-rights movement seeking to put the rights of a town’s citizens—and its natural environment—ahead of corporate interests, regardless of state and federal law.

“Four municipalities, including Halifax in Virginia, and Mahoney, Shrewbury and Packer in Pennsylvania, have passed laws imposing penalties on corporations for chemical trespass, the involuntary introduction of toxic chemicals into the human body,” wrote Kanner.