Mount Shasta Thanksgiving Dinner event

Mount Shasta Thanksgiving Dinner event

Community and food and music came together again at annual Thanksgiving Dinner in City Park Rec Center, in Mount Shasta, last Thursday.

Dawn Fazende, the organizer, told that even though the number of people who came the annual dinner in person is not counted, 1170 half pound portions of turkey along with all trimmings – were served in house this year, and hundred and seventy five meals were handed to homebound people.

Along with this, two-hundred bags of groceries were circulated, most to homebound members as well as the rest to others in requirement. The tradition of Mount Shasta Thanksgiving Dinner goes back thirty years; Fazende has been involved for around nine.

She as well as her fellow organizers Art Scharf, Diane Allen and Stacy Moller collects donations throughout the year and they have been keeping all the tradition going. Scharf, the chef for the event, and Moller, who arranges the volunteers, are moving back this year. Fazende told that the group is looking for whole new volunteers to deal with those roles in the coming year as well as into the future.

Fazende told that Western Mixers handed the produce for Thursday’s Thanksgiving event. Over half of the thirty three turkeys served were given by Joe Monday. Other foods were bought from the money collected throughout the year. Fazende added that donation checks made out to ‘Thanksgiving Meal’ go toward the annual dinner. That money stays in its own account till they require it.