Mount Shasta skiing event

Mount Shasta skiing event

The racers at Mount Shasta snatched top 3 positions in both boys and girls skiing; when Weed Cougars ended 1-2 in both the snowboard races in the North I Division high school contest on 28th January, 2013, Monday, at Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

Brian Quigley and Noah Gonzalez of Weed was placed second and first in a pack of fifteen racers in the snowboard race of boys; while 4 of he next 5 finishers were the Mount Shasta Bears - Chet Bolstridge (7th), Dominic Laiacona (6th), Chris Cazneaux (4th) and Obie Hamrick (3rd).

Weed Cougars' Elizabeth Stensaas and Giordan Stenmark ended 2 - 1 in girls' snowboard race; 6 of these 7 girls in the pack ended. Margot Mattson of Mount Shasta was placed fourth. the top 3 finishers in boys ski race were Weston Stroud, Jarrod Althaus-Cressman and Clayton Poore of Mount Shasta.

In a pack of sixteen, Mount Shasta's Tommy Hake and Chad Mapes were placed sixth and seventh when Weed's Andrew Matheson, Clayton Mills and Max Michelon finished 11 - 10 - 9.

Mount Shasta's 3 racers in a pack of eleven girls ski racers ended on top - Mariah Althaus-Cressman, Christine Holst, and Shannon Keane. For the day's team standings, Weed and Mount Shasta tied for the 1st in the snowboard for boys; Weed were 3rd in girl's showboard event; Mount Shasta was 1st in the ski racing for boys; Yreka were first in girl's skiing.

In the team standings for the day, Mount Shasta and Weed tied for first in boys snowboard, Weed placed first in girls snowboard, Mount Shasta placed first in boys skiing, and Yreka placed first in girls skiing.