Mount Shasta Ski Park to celebrate 30

Mount Shasta Ski Park to celebrate 30

The Mount Shasta Ski Park becomes thirty this year and a celebration is designed for 30th January, Saturday, starting at noon. This includes live music as well as a DJ in Sliders lounge, fireworks at the base area and a photo booth. Night skiing can be done by giving US$ 20 and runs to 9 pm.

Park told he skiing section of that the celebration is for all the patrons, employees and communities that have back this beautiful park for the past thirty years.

Jacques Bleisae, the Fifth Season store manager, told that the importance of the Park to the community could not be overrated. Bleisae said that this is really huge. And, this is not just for them. The Ski Park contributes twenty-five percent of the city’s income.

At full operation, the the park employs upwards of three-hundred people as well as the Park’s impact from shops to hotels to restaurants is felt throughout Mount Shasta.

Abel Luquis, the Swiss Holiday Inn manager, said that compared to previous year, this has been much better. Last year, they were dead. This year they were full the entire Christmas vacation.

Ryder Emerson, a Dos Geckos employee, told that place being open has really made a stark difference. They get skiers coming down mid-day for lunch and a lot of out of towners. Shelly Kortesmaki added that they are seeing a lot of people from out of town. Even the locals are getting new gear and work done on their boards and skis.