Mount Shasta Community Thanksgiving dinner

Mount Shasta Community Thanksgiving dinner

On 22nd November, more than thousands of people gathered to relish a holiday meal at the twenty-seventh Mount Shasta Community Thanksgiving Thursday afternoon. Along with turkey dinner, people were also entertained by musicians, co-ordinated by Paula Reynolds.

Dawn Fazende, the lead meal organizer, told that they were just blown away with the crowd. After that opened the doors, every seat was filled within fifteen minutes and the queue did not go down till it was around 3.30 pm. They were not ready for the extra two hundred people, who came in, but they made it work.

Fazende is in charge of the afternoon meal since 2005. She told that a large number of people have come this year because more people know about this meal. She added that the musicians also did a good job. They did not stop playing for a single time. They started from 1 pm and continued till 5 pm.
Paula Reynolds was joined by several musicians like Dave Wallace, Janet Ackerman-Beck, Hannah Renick, Gerry Smida, Dave Reynolds, Richard Lucas, Bobbi Coulter, Chris Prim and many more. Paula stated that all had a good time. They had a blast with wonderful meal and music.

Fazende stated that cash donations were down, but product donations have increased significantly compared to previous years. Western Mixers contributed yams, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, corn, celery, beans, bananas, apples, lettuce and onions.

Siskiyou Central Credit Union, PremierWest Bank, Scott Valley Bank as well as other businesses helped with cash donations.