Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor review

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Amy Morton

Hello Neighbor review

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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that puts you at odds with the creepy Neighbor, asking you to sneak into his house and discover the truth.

The Story Line 7/10

The basic story is simple. You moved into a new house. Now you're living across the street from a creepy neighbor. As you play, you hear a scream coming from the Neighbor's house. So, you must investigate further, and that's where the real game begins.
You'll have to find out how to get inside the house and into the basement without alerting the Neighbor chasing you away. The AI controls the Neighbor and adjusts his actions. You never know what the AI will do, and you will have to be one step ahead of the entire game, which is quite challenging.

The Main In-Game Mechanics 7/10

For those of you who have never heard of the game, it's an odd combination of genres: a first-person stealth puzzle with lots of platforming. The game requires you to flip switches, build platforms, and collect items around the house. It's an interesting idea, even though the game has its share of confusing puzzles and clumsy platforming. The AI can be sporadic at times.

The game consists of three stages that look similar. The way collectibles are stashed away means that you'll need to search every corner and find hard-to-reach places. Some puzzles can be really fun and rewarding, while others are very vague.

The game wants you to find every single item to proceed to the next stage – there are many things to find, and having one with no idea where it is can be frustrating. As far as monetization goes, you can get the game for free, with the gameplay limited to the first chapter. If you like it, you can buy the entire thing.


From what we've seen, we can say that we're surprised by Hello Neighbor's look and feel. Some players have said that the AI isn't as smart as it is on consoles. It's probably CPU dependent, and the phone can't match a console. Even though this version is a bit simplified, it's still better than most comparable games on Android.


  • Unpredictable AI controls the Neighbor
  • Cartoon Network-inspired graphics
  • Unique and intriguing premise
  • Loaded with impactful cutscenes.


  • Has some odd puzzles
  • Clumsy first-person platforming.

Gameplay 4

Graphics 4

Replay Value 3

Controls 4

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