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Grand Theft Auto V review

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Julie Ellis

Grand Theft Auto V review

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Grand Theft Auto V (commonly known as GTA 5) is an action-adventure game released by Rockstar Games in 2013. Colorful and cynical parody of the modern world, GTA 5 is aimed at adults only.

Story and characters

In GTA 5, you will have an opportunity to engage in robberies, assassinations, crazy car races, massive fights with the police, and a bunch of other activities. The action takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas, five years after the events of GTA 4. 
You are going to follow the stories of three main characters: Michael, a middle-aged former bank robber; Franklin, a young gangster looking for opportunities, and Trevor, an incredibly cruel psychopath. All three of them feel almost like real —but not dull—people. Their development through the story or interactions with each other is seasoned with a large portion of satire.


Originally GTA 5 is a single-player game, but the online version has multiplayer modes as well. You can play as Michael, Trevor, or Franklin, switching them during the game. The PC version also has a unique Director mode in which you can choose any character and circumstances you want and make a short film by recording, cutting, and mixing playing experiences. 


An open world of GTA 5 has a lot of places to explore, and all of them are presented with photography-like details, creating a feeling close to physical presence (but watch out, not all of those experiences will be pleasant).

Missions and progress

The story in GTA 5 can have 3 different endings. There are 69 main story missions and a bunch of side missions and activities you will need to complete to achieve 100% completion. Side activities would give you a lot of opportunities to rest from main missions having fun with friends or just wandering around the city. As you progress through the game, the variety of customized weapons, cars, and apartments available to you will widen. 

Conclusion: 10/10

The combination of fascinatingly naturalistic graphics, complicated stories, and realistic characters along with dark and cynical humor creates an irresistibly captivating atmosphere. You will have an opportunity to explore every corner of San Andreas while engaging in thrilling and crazy missions. Would be a shame to miss that.


  • Captivating plot with multiple endings
  • Strikingly realistic graphics
  • Life-like main characters.


  • Fillers can be annoying
  • Accidental bugs in the online version.

Gameplay 5

Graphics 5

Replay Value 5

Controls 5

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