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Fortnite review

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Amy Morton

Fortnite review

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Fortnite is a battle royale game launched by Epic Games. First released in 2017, the game kept constantly evolving, now having 3 seasons and more than 350 mln players around the world. 


As for today, Fortnight has three versions: Battle Royale, Creative and Save The World.

Battle Royale, the most popular one, is a PvP (player versus player) shooter survival game in which 100 players are dropped from the battle bus onto an island and engage in a fight with each other to stay alive.

Save The World is a PvE (player versus environment) co-op shooter from which Battle Royale has originated. Players are to stand up against zombies and natural catastrophes.

In the Fortnite Creative, a player is given an island and various materials at their disposal to whatever they want out of it.

Maps and graphics

In Battle Royale, there is one island map, changing with every season. Save the World has four maps with different levels of difficulty, and in Creative, you can both make your own map and enjoy some from the thousands already made by other players. In all of the versions, 3D cartoon-like graphics create an atmosphere close to the fantasy world.

Building structures

Not only in Fortnite Creative will you need to show your architectural skills. Constructing various buildings during the battle is a distinguishing feature of the Fortnite series. It’s crucial to build fast in both Battle Royale and Save The World, and that’s one of the reasons that make it difficult for beginners.


Weapons have a ranking of six classes, based on rarity. Each class has a different color, so check it properly if you don’t want to waste time on a weapon more common than the one you already have.


Also called Legacy. There are more than 50 achievements in Fortnite Battle Royale you can earn by completing different tasks while playing. But keep in mind that those are not registered outside the game. Despite that, they come in handy if you need a mood changer.

Final opinion

Enough fun to give it a try in 2020. Although the key point — a unique mix of gunplay and building — stays unchangeable, diverse features added every season leave no time to get bored. It will take time to become a skillful player, but it’s definitely worth a shot.


  • Constant updates and improvements
  • High-quality building mechanics
  • Free to start (Battle Royale).


  • High entry level
  • Accidental problems with gunplay mechanics.

Gameplay 4

Graphics 5

Replay Value 4

Controls 5

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