Top 7 Ways to Boost Up Your Productivity in Summer

You know there are reasons for our low productivity in summer, and they are not all connected with our desire to have some rest somewhere at the seaside. Though, yes, we should agree that the season of vacations slows down preventing from doing much. Moreover, when it is hot physically your brain starts working slowly. But here we should remember, that when it is cold, the result is almost the same. That is why microclimate in the office or any premises you work should be comfortable.

Still, sunny weather makes us dream about resorts instead of projects. Here there is even a psychological term – Fear of Missing Out when you think that life is passing by while you are staring at the computer. This is a distracting topic! Even if it does not distract, it kills the mood and prevents you from being involved in the process with passion and soul. In addition, when you go online and see pictures of your friends enjoying the sun on the beach, it’s all gone pear-shaped.

Anyway not everybody but most of the people do suffer from summer slowdowns. Let’s consider some ways out of this situation allowing us to stay efficient during hot days of this season.

Plan time for rest

Way to boost up productivity

When you know that after work you will have a stunning rest, it helps. That is why think over a break once and forget about it until the time comes. It can be a vacation, funny party or just a break for a chat with a friend during lunch. All of them works. When they are planned, you can be sure to have some activity differing from your routine, and you will feel that your life is filled with events beyond the office. So, now you can schedule your work around those events and be in the thick of the action.

Set priorities

It is much easier to be productive when you understand which task is more important. You can apply various criteria including terms, complicity, the significance of the result and consequences of delay. If you have several proved projects to execute, make a pause and think which one is beneficial for you most. In this way, you will be able to concentrate on vital staff requiring your efforts, strategic thinking, and a fresh mind.

Stay flexible

Perhaps, you can solve some issues remotely. Sometimes you can afford to continue thinking of your daily routine during your rest. Summer offers great opportunities to relax, but if you are involved in some urgent projects, you can combine these two things and adjust deadlines to your vacation, staying in touch while working remotely. Thus, you will not miss key events using modern technologies dedicated to remote work.

Track time you spend on work

Way to boost up productivity

By the way, it can be that you take too much responsibility, and summer is a proper time to reconsider your duties. We are used to performing daily tasks which are changing quickly, and we forget about the initial boundaries. Don’t you think that it is too much for you not because of sunny weather but in general? Stop and look back. Prioritize the tasks and decide which ones can be refused to be efficient and provide quality work. Perhaps there are analogs, and you can determine the time needed to perform them. When you know that this project can be done for a day, you will repeat the process and manage to complete it within the timeframe you specify before.

Give yourself something nice to look at

We recommend to surround yourself with beautiful things which allow you to peel your eyes off a computer or any activity and look around with satisfaction. This can be a funny meme making you smile, an elegant decoration or a bunch of fresh flowers. It is proved that when you look at something aesthetically pleasing, you feel better and boost productivity. Of course, it is perfect if you work in a well-designed office with a calm atmosphere, but you can create such an area with a personal touch almost in any place. Even a Google Chrome extension will be useful if it greets you with a splendid picture.

Take it on a conscious level

Your productivity should be on your agenda. You know, when a person is eager with her mission, the season can do nothing with her intent to be productive. Here we should say that engagement is a result of a range of factors, which do not depend on our consciousness only. Quality of leadership and level of autonomy are very important for an individual to feel satisfied with his duties. It is vital to understand that your efforts are appreciated, then you will be more focused and involved. You should be allowed to control the result, and then you will be committed to the business. Try to regard your occupation from this perspective.

Be active

Way to boost up productivity

And one moment is all but forgotten. Remember about physical activity; keep moving to train your body because your health grounds are very important for your activity and productivity. We mean it! Walk instead of driving a car all the time, arrange a meeting in the office of your partner instead of inviting him to visit yours, take a lunch in a new restaurant refusing a conservative place located nearby.

Assess Your Productivity Potential

In sum, we are sure that it is not so difficult to continue being efficient at work even in summer. Especially if you follow all or just a couple of the above recommendations. And probably the best way to forget about weather influence is to be really engaged in what you are doing. Think that productivity delivers the success, increases the margin of the company and as a result of your salary, improves your living standard and so on. This is the ground for your own business growth.

When you are productive, you meet consumer demand and remain highly competitive. Sometimes it is needed to tune out in order to tune in. Believe us, it will keep your productivity up. Just make a stop and clear your mind, forget about all projects, calls, emails, and duties for a couple of days at least. That will provide room for new approaches. And be sure it is easy to stay productive even in summer.