The Biggest Productivity Killers

Your productivity shows your efficiency. I am sure everybody has a to-do list for the coming day. Even if you do not put it down, you keep your plans in your memory, but still, if there are a lot of things to do, I would recommend to make notes to arrange your schedule. Though, this accuracy does not have to provide success in execution. You can fail to make it in time.

Now there is a question: What is a reason for such failures? Is it a too strict plan, interference of external circumstances, or your unfitness for being disciplined enough to spend your time and efforts for the benefit? Just make a pause and think. Are you able to remain on your work routine all the time? This is about your personal productivity which cannot be measured digitally, but still, it impacts greatly on the result of your efforts. These skills are always about your ability to manage your time, to be concentrated on the task and refuse destructive habits which prevent you from being successful. Let’s summarize those key moments which waste your time.

You check your social media account and email too often

Laptop with emails

Advancements in technology deliver a lot of useful tools for us to facilitate and enhance our work and daily life. Though, they can create a kind of dependence when we turn to those tools when we do not really need them. This is about email which definitely should not be checked every five minutes during a day. Of course, there are cases when you are waiting for an important time-sensitive message which should be responded immediately, but usually, you can decide that email will be checked twice a day in the morning and in the evening and forget about the fact it exists at other points of time. I want to give you a warning – it may require some energy if you are already dependent on the habit to check email every ten minutes. A lot of specialists on this theme agree that this habit is the absolute worst time.

You try to perform a lot of tasks at a time

We live in a world of high speed when everything develops rapidly and demands our participation and immediate reactions if we want to succeed. We know that opportunity only knocks once, that is why we should reach in time and only in this case we’ll get what we want. But when we try completing too many tasks at a time, we work slowly. Endless circle. It causes distraction preventing you from the concentration on a couple of activities and decrease the quality of the result in addition. The solution is easy – choose the most important task at the moment and postpone the others. Just refuse phone calls when you talk with a client, for instance. When you are at a meeting, be involved without looking through your messaging or reports. Even if you can afford it because the discussion is not about your matter, still stay attentive. Thus, you will not build a habit diverting your attention. Reduce to discipline every moment you can do it. This is a kind of practice of mindful productivity.

You do not compile a schedule

Hand with pen and schedule

Once again, we should insist that scheduling is very important. Especially if you have a lot of meetings, you should plan your day to be in time. Thus, you will make progress, spend your efforts efficiently. Time from the time you should reevaluate your agenda. Just look through the schedule and think if those meetings are really needed or could someone else hold talks instead of you. Be sure that you understand the purpose of the meeting and prepare for talks to be quite good at the theme and discuss it faster. As you understand, it is important not only to start a meeting on time, but its end also should be scheduled.

Your surroundings are not in order

Be sure that mess breeds stress. So, if you want to be successful, keep your working place and dwelling in order. This is not only about proper arrangements of the staff, which allows to find anything you need in a second, but you feel much less anxious when the clear and comprehensive space surrounds you. Tidy tables make you ready to start working and not thinking of cleaning them up. Such an approach encourages you to be positive and even to enhance your physical health.

Simple as it is

As you see, there are almost no difficulties with being well arranged during your day including private time. Just be efficient, take notes and refuse all productivity killers you can find among your habits. If the activity cannot be considered as a priority at the moment, do not let it continue even for a second. Avoid those temptations to do it just once. Be strict to your intention to stay productive.