The Best Planner Apps for 2020: Hot 10

Being productive is impossible without planning. To spare a ton of copybook sheets, sticky notes and other paper materials, we present you 10 best apps for planning and scheduling. Enjoy! 

Google Calendar

Setting a dentist appointment, scheduling a business trip to Nashville, marking a deadline for Q2 or a reminder that your second aunt’s B-day is next Tuesday — Google Calendar can do it all.

It’s a free planner app available for mobile gadgets. PC is on the list too, as part of the G-suite/Chrome extension. Plus, there’s cross-platform syncing. The app is free and will deliver reminders via push-notifications or Gmail.

One of the top planners for productivity, it’s a to-do app and event reminder in one. For instance, if there’s an event Bake a birthday cake for Tim, you can also set a list of sub-goals: buy flour, prepare frosting, get 11 candles, etc.

You can also enter the location, participant names, precise time, and other details. The app is free with extra premium features.


Trello is an app/platform for managing projects. Be it a college assignment for a group of three or an ambitious business project involving hundreds of people — Trello can do it all.

Here you can create plans, to-dos, and roadmaps that can be shared with the rest of the team. Participants can make notes, leave commentaries, create chats, set deadlines, and attach media files.

MS Outlook

In addition to emails, MS Outlooks also offers a feature palette to run a business project. You can plan events, choose dates, invite people to your team, start discussions and exchange files. 

It’s one of the best productivity planner apps on the market: after subscribing, you can also use the entire MS Office package, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

Fantastic 2

An iOS-exclusive app, Fantastic 2 is a comprehensive calendar tool. Here you can schedule all sorts of events — seminar, gala, charity ball, workshop, family get-together, etc. Apart from setting time/date, you can also choose a location, invite people, and basically do whatever Google Calendar allows you to.


Aesthetically unique, ZenDay turns boring checklists into a smooth 3D animation. Here you can formulate schedules, sketch bucket lists, synchronize other calendars, and pick priority tasks. A peacefully flowing to-do list, that visually resembles a loo roll a bit, makes ZenDay the serenest daily planner app. 


Another iOS-exclusive, Reminder is a hub that will synchronize all of your reminders, schedules and biz calendars. Using the app will improve your teamwork: collaborators and colleagues can access your to-dos to refer to, comment or cross them off.


TickTick is a productivity power-tool. Apart from planning things, it also allows you to track your habits, blueprint projects, make shopping lists, etc. All these important stuff can also be instantly shared with colleagues or family.


AC takes event-planning to another level. Setting dates/deadlines comes by default. But you can also check a weather forecast for the X-day, add a quirky icon to mark an event, attach photos, invite people and do a bit of color-coding.

Things 3 

A clean to-do list, drag-n-drop interface, and headings — that’s what Things 3 is all about. Its simplicity allows you to plan and handle one thing at a time without any needless whistles and bells interfering and causing distractions.

Super-active & Super-productive

Use the planning apps and stay at the top of your business and personal life. And what is your favorite way to plan things?