The Best Forest Alternatives: Plant a Success Tree!

Apps, games, and Reddit are the worst enemies of your productive work. So, we’ve prepared the best 4 alternatives to Forest for you. 

Forest app FAQ

What is Forest?

Forest app

Forest is an app that makes you stay focused over a period of time. As you set the timer, it completely blocks all the distracting apps and websites on your phone. 

Why is it named so?

As you stay focused, a virtual tree grows in the app. The more often you do this, the more trees will grow. You can plant a whole Monteverde forest competing with other users in productivity. Also, the company donates to a forestation fund: Forest fans planted about 700,000 real trees just by using it.

Is it free?

Forest is freemium: most of its cool features are behind a paywall. But apps from our list are worthy alternatives.

Apps Like Forest


Self-Control app

Self-Control is a free application for macOS. It’s one of the apps like Forest that temporarily blocks access to the websites you deem kickass but distracting. 

You can manually select a number of webpages to keep on lock, while you’re doing the work. Instagram, Gmail, SomethingAwful, Reddit, KnowYourMeme — they all will have to stay patiently behind the fence of Self-Control until the timer stops ticking.

The app is free and open-source. That means that volunteers sometimes expand the app’s functionality. One of them is that listed websites remain blocked until the timer expires even after you delete the app — business first!


Freedom app

Freedom is a Forest app free analog for mobile/desktop platforms. It’s disgustingly simple to use. Once you install Freedom, you need to set a schedule and choose websites/apps you want to temporarily exile.

What’s cool, Freedom synchronizes the list of blocked apps across all devices you have. So, if you’re tempted to visit FunnyCatPix from your phone, hoping that Freedom won’t know — this plan is doomed to fail.

Freedom’s core package is free. However, you’ll be limited to just one device. Plus, the number of apps to block will be limited too. But the app is worth it since it’s used by many respectable names: from Salesforce to Harvard.


LeechBlock is another desktop remedy against the time-wasters. It’s pretty flexible, as you can set a specific time period. Like, from 12:30 till 5 Pm you want YouTube and Crunchyroll to be blocked for all their unabashedly free entertainment.

Or you can set a time interval: 10, 25, 60 minutes, etc. LeechBlock is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and others. And if you’re too weak to resist the temptation at times, the agony of blocking can be interrupted with a special ‘safe word’ — a security password. 



QualityTime is an app that helps to manage your life habits. It collects data about how much time you waste on your guilty online pleasures and then presents it to you in a heartbreaking report. 

If you’re willing to break your phone addiction or just have some rest from all the media, there’s a Take a Break feature. It completely restricts access to your phone for a set amount of time. Only whitelisted calls will come through.

All of the apps are freemium, so you can save yourself from numerous online temptations at a $0 price.