No Sticks Or Carrots: 6 Best Tips To Increase Productivity At Work

Your employees aren't donkeys and they can't be stimulated by such primitive means. Of course, punishment & reward will always be important to maintain good discipline and performance of your staff. But there's much more to it than that. We've prepared 6 Best Tips that will boost your workers’ productivity like rocket fuel.

1. Comfortable environment  — My job is like a second home...

It would be foolish to deny that workplace conditions affect staff's productivity. Ergonomic chairs, keyboard and mouse, lunch break, water coolers & snacks, lighting, room temperature, sufficient space, friendly atmosphere... Workers' well-being depends on these factors. If they feel good, they work with pleasure and drive, which in the long run brings lucrative dividends. For instance, if it's a scorching summer outside, then air conditioning will incentivize employees to get to the office as fast as possible. And maybe work extra hours? Some food for thought here...

2. Delegation — Choose your special agents

Employees must not be treated like pawns in the corporate game. On the contrary: those of them who show eagerness to make company's work more efficient and successful must be assigned special missions and tasks. It could be anything: from organizing a corporate picnic to launching a retraining program. Energetic and ambitious workers must know that their efforts are appreciated. Moreover, granting them a bit of power will cause them to learn new skills and broaden their competence.

3. Distractions — Distraction = destruction

Smart gadgets with their games and messengers are truly a devil's curse. Naturally one might think that strict limitations and banning all devices would eradicate the issue. But it is not so. In fact, people react to positive reinforcement much quicker than to negative[1]. For example, you may introduce a reward 'Endurance Champion' and give it to the workers, who are focused on their objectives despite being tempted to grab a phone. Turn the whole thing into a game. And also make sure they do have enough breaks — working non-stop isn't healthy at all as researches show[2].

4. Rewards — Medal for Hustling

Napoleon once said that medals are merely shiny toys. But these toys control the people. Apply this wisdom in practice. People, who do good job must be praised for doing it. Develop a system of prizes, trophies and awards. It can be anything: money payments, VIP parking spots, classic 'Employee of the Month' certificates and other tokens. This way you'll kill two birds with one stone: ambitious workers will be satisfied and their less enthusiastic colleagues may get an extra stimulus to show better results. Win-win situation, so to say.

5. Goals — What are we fighting for?

Your brave office crusaders must know what and when should be achieved. If the company fails to set clear goals and formulate a vision — people will be confused and underperforming. Goals are the primary structures of the corporate discipline. Without knowing them you can't really tell if the staff is doing good job or not. If your team is ever going to make it to the stars, their space rocket will need a good guiding system and a set of clear objectives.

6. Equipment — Top tools for top people

Menial and monotonous tasks consume time and kill drive from working.  Skilled, talented and competent employees must be assigned to work on something really important. Let the soulless machines do mechanical work! Additionally, reliable and up-to-date equipment allows people to get more satisfaction from working and to take care of daily objectives much faster[3].

Be a good boss...

It may sound banal, but treating your employees humanely is one of the greatest methods at maintaining a healthy, productive atmosphere in the office. See them as your partners and comrades-in-arms, not speechless slaves. It will pay off.