Making Google Calendar Your Productive Center

Your day starts with checking your calendar, memorizing feature meetings, looking at the to-do list, reading the weather forecast, chatting with family and employees, and planning to watch the much-awaited TV show in the evening. We do all these things automatically, without noticing the effort we put into, instead of relaxing and greeting the new day. There is one way to ease life for busy bees like us, and it is to place everything in Google Calendar.

It is way easier to keep information on everything in one place. And Google Calendar is a perfect place for it. You will not have to switch the apps, open the browser and look for the information. All you need is Google Calendar, which is probably already a built-in app on your phone.

 Google Calendar app iOS

Sync Google Tasks with the –°alendar

There is nothing better than being able to see your to-do lists and calendar appointments in one place. For one thing, it is a nice way to plan your day and make changes if you need it. And Google Calendar provides you with the opportunity to see both features with Google Tasks. It is there, in the Google Calendar, hidden in the right panel:

  • Find the Google Tasks sign on the panel;
  • Click it to open sidebar;
  • Now you can add all the tasks you need in your Google Calendar;
  • Check tasks sorted by the date. Press the date in the calendar you see on the left panel. Make sure that there is a tick on the calendar that is named Tasks;
  • Sync the tasks with your phone by using an app called Google Tasks, available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. This way, you will be able to add tasks to your calendar anytime you want.

Check Other Similar Apps

There is another way to add to-do lists in Google Calendar. If you don’t like Google Tasks, that’s ok. Every app we mention here has its own advantages and disadvantages. The smoothness of the connection between Google Calendar and to-do lists apps depends on the app you choose. For example, the famous Todoist app syncs with Google Calendar directly. Tasks will just appear in your calendar.
And TickTick app provides an iCal link. The Milk app also connects with iCal. The simple way to sync them with Google Calendar:

  • All you need to do is search for the URL of the service you use. Open Google Calendar and click the button Plus, near the Other Calendars words;
  • Click and pick From URL;
  • Paste the URL of the app like iCal, so you will be able to see the to-do list that appeared in your calendar.

Warning! Not every app with to-do lists has a similar option. But you may use third-parties like Zapier, to connect these apps with Google Calendar. You will continue to use your favorite app and create appointments on the calendar. Sounds good, right?

Check The Calendars of Others

Google Calendar screenshot

Yes, Google Calendar allows you to follow other people’s calendars. It is an extremely useful feature for those people who want to keep up with their friends, relatives or co-workers. This information can help you to arrange meetings or book services for these people, taking into consideration their schedule. Google Calendar app offers you not only to check other people’s calendars but share yours in a few simple moves:

  • Head to Settings and search for “Share with Specific People” option in the left panel;
  • Send the URL to these people.

Ask other people to do the same for you. You will receive access to their personal calendars. There is a Google Calendar business option that is called “Meet with…” where you can actually see the calendar. Search the name of the person and see the calendar, if it is open to you.

Your organization’s settings will vary the number of information you can get access to. With Zapier, you receive an open calendar, with all the appointments of another person. However, you may only get information on whether the co-worker is busy or not at this time, depending on these settings. In both ways, you can schedule the meeting with the help of the app.

World Clock in Calendar

Working from abroad is not easy when you have to mess with different time zones. Even in the same country, you can face the same problem. You will always have to check the time at your co-worker zone. It can be crucial when you arrange a video conference or want to phone abroad. So, there is a useful feature in Google Calendar. It has a world clock inside. It is hidden from the central panel of tools. How to find and enable it:

  • You will have to go to the settings of Google Calendar;
  • Scroll down to the section named World Clock;
  • Enable world clock feature;
  • Remove and add the most important cities for you;
  • The clock will be revealed in the left menu. This is the quickest way to receive an update on the current time in different time zones. To know the time zone of your business partner or client is vital for a business.

Weather Forecast

There is an option in Google Calendar that allows you to check the weather for the day. Some time ago, Google Calendar offered direct access to weather forecasts with its own feature. However, several years back, developers removed this amazing tool. And if you’re one of the people who want to know what to expect from the weather today, you are going to miss this option dearly. But don’t worry! There is a way out! It is called, and for now, it is your best option. It syncs with iCal URL and can be used via the Google Calendar. How to use it:

  • Open the website and search for your location;
  • Copy the URL of iCal;
  • Open the Google Calendar app and search for Other Calendars on the left panel;
  • Click the button “+”;
  • Now click the option “From URL”;
  • The daily forecast in your area now is available for you. It will be seen at the top of the calendar itself, besides the all-day appointments.

This is not the best feature. You will not see the icons. It is obscured in some parts. And yet, this is the best option if you want to receive weather updates in Google Calendar. You may still wait till Google Calendar is improved and its own weather feature is added, but we are not sure if this is going to happen soon. So, enjoy the iCal option for now.

Holidays In Other Countries

This is a great and helpful feature for businessmen who work with other countries. It is not actually the big news that the Google Calendar app shows the main holidays in our country. If you did not know it, you may check this nice tool. You will see major holidays based on your current location. If you work with people from abroad, you have to be aware of their main holidays and days off work.

How to do this?

  • Open the app;
  • Click the plus button beside Other Calendars;
  • Now click on the words “Browse Calendars of interest”;
  • Check all the calendars available there. There are also all the religious holidays of the world gathered in one calendar. You may use them separately, according to the religion of your business partners.

Adding the Sport Schedule

This is a useful feature for those people who prefer to watch sports and never miss their favorite matches. There are sports schedules offered by Google Calendars app. With this tool, you will always be aware of upcoming sports events without a need to open other sources. This tool will cut the number of apps you use on your phone, as you will not need sports apps reminders.

You will see them by:

  • Opening the calendar app and clicking button “+”, which is accommodated alongside Other Calendars;
  • Press the “Browse Calendars of interest”;
  • There will be a list of sports. Choose from them your favorite one or a couple. Search the team you want to follow and add to your calendar. Now you will be able to keep up with the latest news about this team, watch their matches and check their accommodation in the leader’s table.

Don’t Miss Your Favorite TV Shows

The Google Calendar makes it extremely easy to stay informed on the upcoming movies and TV shows you wanted to watch. Add the schedule of the TV show and don’t miss even one series. Be the first who watched the episode so no one would be able to spoil it. There is an Episode Calendar service. It is free of charge. It signals when the new episodes available.

There is an iCal link available for use. Sync it with the Google Calendar. And forget about using third-party apps. How to do it:

  • Register Episode Calendar account and add shows you are watching;
  • Head to the Settings and find iCal;
  • Copy the URL;
  • Open Google Calendar and choose button “+” near the Other Calendars;
  • Pick “From URL”;
  • Paste URL of iCal. That’s it.

Don’t Stop On It

These are just a few things you can do inside the Google Calendar. You may find numerous other options that will be of interest to you. Check local calendars or world events. Explore all your possibilities with Google Calendar. Don’t forget to share your findings with us.