Ideas for Home Office: Dream Work Space

Setting up a home office is a crying need these pandemic days. But how to make it comfy, health-friendly, and well-organized? There are a few shortcuts to design an office at home that we are glad to share with you!

Lighting & color

Let’s start with the most important part — lighting and color palette. Since you spend a good chunk of time at the computer, your area should be well-lit, but not irritatingly bright, to avoid eyestrain.

The best source of light during the day is the window, so locate your desk near one of those. In case you live in a rainy climate, then a lamp with about 5000-6500K (Kelvins) will do the trick.

Color palette of your home office design should be calm but not intimate. Best colors to stick to are green, teal blue, gray, pastel yellow, or light purple. If you’re an energetic worker, red may do as well.



There are OSHA guidelines for a body-friendly work seat. To protect your spine health, you need to stick to these requirements:

  • Width: 17-20 inches.
  • Chair height: 16-21 inches.
  • Distance between seat and the back of the knees: 2-4 inches.

A solid work seat should also have lumbar inward support, backrest with about 12-19 inches, swivel, adjustable armrests and a height-regulating handle. 

These are nominal recommendations, so you need to test a chair personally: listen to what your body has to say. If your spine and posterior feel comfy and relaxed — it’s bingo. Plus don’t forget to check if the materials are hypoallergenic: some people can’t tolerate faux leather.

Power to the Office People

Your home office should be placed as close to the outlets as possible. Phones, laptops, computers and lava lamps are perpetually hungry for electric juice! 

If you don’t want to turn your home into a messy tangle of cables and cord extensions, clear space for a desk near a socket. 

Having a power line filter at hand is welcome, as it will protect your devices from a voltage drop, which can instantly destroy the motherboard of your computer. 

And one (but only one) cord extension will do no harm as you’ll be able to power multiple gadgets at the same time: a desk lamp, printer, USB-vacuum, portable cooler, etc.

Down With Distractions

facebook and whatsapp at phone

Whatever happens, don’t put a TV in your improvised office. A bookshelf with unread HHGG or American Psycho should be excluded as well. Work is work, and lack of focus leads to missed deadlines and emotional dissatisfaction.


When choosing a desk for an office at home, you must make sure that you can maintain your natural posture. That’s what it looks like: feet on the floor, hands on your knees, relaxed shoulders, and no slouching. 

The top of the desk should be about 30 inches above the floor. And the keyboard must be separated by about 2 inches from your thighs (never employ its kickstands). Also, follow the negative tilt rule: the keyboard must be down and a bit away from you.

A Bit of Soul

Finally, add something to liven up the routine. A vintage We Can Do It poster, black & white photo of young Jobs presenting Apple II or a rainbow-maker powered by sunlight — use whatever you want. 

When you design the office at home, you should make it a bit soulful too. Because if your heart isn’t where your work is, can you really be productive?