OnePlus Smartphones Start Getting Google Assistant Ambient Mode

One of the best innovations of Google Assistant is an ambient mode. In short, this mode turns the smartphone into a smart speaker when it’s idle charging. It will respond to voice commands and control smart home devices, with no need to buy another – say, Google Nest Hub (especially if you already have great speakers with no smart features).

While most users will have to wait until the feature is rolled out for their smartphones, though, OnePlus has already finished the preparations and announced that its smartphones will receive the update very, very soon. Not that OnePlus is such a major vendor, despite all the hype around it. But its owners are geekier than others, so the new feature probably matters for them even more.

Of course, it will take a little time to roll out the update for all OnePlus devices supported so far, starting with OnePlus 3. But other vendors haven’t finished the job on integrating Ambient Mode even to that extent. It was announced in November 2019, and still most phones on the market are deprived of it, despite its low system requirements – Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. So, OnePlus once again proved itself a flagship killer, though this time it’s not about pricing.