New GSuite Update: Gmail Supports Multiple Signatures

Starting from now, Google’s Gmail supports multiple signatures to end your conversations. How can you adjust it and what is the purpose of a new feature?

As you know, Google is known for its constant new releases and updates. The latest GSuit update, published on March, 10 has a feature for creating and using various signatures in Gmail. It can be useful in a number of situations, for example:

  • Communication between different teams and organizations;
  • Using several different languages;
  • Adjusting default signatures. 

It is very simple to create one:

  1. Open a Settings tab;
  2. Click Setting one more;
  3. Tap General;
  4. Scroll down to find the “Signature” option;
  5. Press the “Create new” button.

You can create as many signatures as you wish and use the one as the default. Any signature will have a name, therefore, it is very simple to switch between them. For this, you need to find in the compose action toolbar a “Signature” icon (looks like a pen) and click it. 

Have you already created the new signatures? How do you feel: is it a useful tool or not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.