Microsoft Office for Android Is a Single App Now

Instead of separate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps, Microsoft releases the unified Office app for Android devices. It has been available for some time under preview status, and the day has come for the release. The unified app takes less space than the suite of three, doesn’t get the system as busy, and lets users work with various file types without having to switch.

Its features look a bit simplified next to desktop versions, but the mobile screen suggests a compromise. On the other hand, Microsoft Office for Android is capable of doing some things specific for mobile devices. Along with opening and editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, you can, say, scan documents with your onboard camera and make Word docs out of them. The built-in PDF utility makes you create PDF files out of documents or even photos. You can even sign such a document with your finger (or a stylus) right on the screen!

To enjoy this power in full, though, you’ll need an Office 365 subscription. It will let you sync your files with other instances of Office (including that for iOS, announced, but not released yet), as well as edit and save as many of them as you need. The old apps are also available on Google Play as for today.