LG: The Dual Screen Add-On Boosts Productivity

LG seems to expect a huge success for its latest premium smartphone, LG G8X ThinQ. It is indeed innovative in a lot of ways: the phone combines the unmatched performance of a wide high-quality OLED display with no less than a 4000 mAh battery that allows it to work for longer. However, probably the most interesting feature of this new model is the Dual Screen option.

LG Dual Screen is basically an add-on that adds a second screen to your G8X ThinQ. You just put your phone inside, and then you can start using two screens at the same time. And while it may look cool and entertaining, the company insists that the add-on can actually boost your productivity, too. Let’s see what scenarios LG has to offer – and whether they really improve your working experience.

Working Scenarios

LG Dual Screen looks impressive indeed. You don’t really have to look through all the specifications to vividly imagine all the possibilities it offers. The option makes games more comfortable and immersive by moving a customizable gamepad to one of the screens, letting you get a full view of the game itself on the other one. But it improves almost every other experience from taking photos to communicating with friends.

LG G8X ThinQ™ Dual Screen phone

With all this entertaining capacity, it’s easy to forget about all the ways you can implement this add-on to aid you in your work or learning. As an attempt to remind you about them, LG released a list of scenarios that just beg for using your Dual Screen option. The company insists that the combo is great for making business calls, tracking and assigning tasks, and so on.

Pairing your G8X ThinQ with the Dual Screen add-on allows you to see your colleagues or business partners on one screen while keeping some important data or a chat on the other. That means you don’t have to switch apps constantly anymore, which is great for your focus and comfort. And it’s only one of the possible scenarios LG offers.

Learning Aid

You can use the Dual Screen combo to boost your learning, as well. The company especially recommends to use it for learning foreign languages, which is easier with the built-in Whale browser. This browser helps you to compare the text and its translation by showing them side to side on one screen, while you can fix something or just open a dictionary on the other one.

But you don’t have to use the Whale browser. LG confirmed that you can use different search engines of your choice on each of the displays to compare search results. And one of the most important features of the combo is that you can use one of the screens as a keyboard. No more packed keyboards with tiny buttons – now you get to type faster and more relaxed than ever.

Great Combo

The Dual Screen add-on seems to really improve your experience with the newest LG phone, and it costs only about $800 in the US. Please comment on whether you find the add-on useful, and don’t forget to share your own scenarios of using the combo with us.