Google Assistant’s New Feature: Reading Webpages Aloud and Instant Translation

Google developments do not cease to amaze us. Another new incredible announcement was made on March 4: “Starting from now, Google Assistant can read webpages aloud in 42 different languages”. What does it mean for us and how you can try this new feature?

Google Assistant is one of the headliners of Google’s product lines. This powerful virtual assistant is used by millions of people. Therefore, Google does not stop to improve it and add new amazing features. The last one is the device’s ability to read aloud the whole webpage in more than 40 different languages. How does it work? All is very simple? As usual, you just need to say: “Hey, Google” to activate an Assistant. And then, ask it to read “this page” (open the webpage on your device before). Moreover, the Assistant highlights the text that it has already read so the users can follow it along on the page. Among other powerful opportunities, it lets you:

  • Skipping the text;
  • Adjusting reading speed;
  • Instant translation for 42 different languages. 

Google has already rolled out this new feature, so all you need is just to enable it on your Android device. Have you already tried? Share your impressions in the comments box below.