Reinvented Shopping Lists With Brand New “Smart Grocery List”

Shopping is always time, time is always money. Psychologists argue that the more time we spend wandering around at the supermarket, the more useless stuff we are tend to buy. The solution is old as the world - shopping lists! Luckily, today we have smartphones to use helpful managing applications. It’s up to you to decide which one is the best, but my choice is With the last “Smart Grocery List” update it became even more convenient. Let’s take a look at new features.

Support Note

I will tell you about this update below this tiny bit of info. “Smart Grocery List” option for is currently available for iOS. Latest post on official blog says, that Android and Web versions are on their way. I think, that it’s really worth waiting. Anyway, we can already test it with iOS, so let’s go.

Getting Started

This new feature is delivered with the recent update of application, so make sure to download it. Now, open the app and find the new button with an image of a supermarket basket. When you tap it, a notification will pop-up saying “Meet the grocery list of the future”. Well, running ahead I want to say, that it really is. Some would say, that this feature is too evident to be unimplemented before, but it’s better late than never, isn’t it?


Don’t neglect the “Show me” option to see what this little devil can offer you. There are two ways of inputting the names of goods. You may type them in the old manner, and you will be surprised how learned this list is. Start entering any specific product you want to buy and will suggest proper names of goods. This feature works with both brand names and concrete foods. I tried out many, and the app managed to suggest Coca Cola Vanilla, all types of Cheetos and even my favorite Stahlbush broccoli. Amazing!

When you don’t need specific names, just browse the categories, such as beverages, bread & bakery, eggs & dairy and so on. Item by item, tap by tap you will make up a clean-and-convenient list with automatic categories. Do you really need categories? Of course, and I’ll tell you why. Take a piece of paper and list what you need for a week with a pan. Did you mind to divide stuff with subheadings that correspond specific departments of a supermarket?

You’re very cool if you did, but the vast majority of people won’t do it. Separation of items is good because you won’t need to scroll your huge list to figure out what you need to pick up in each department. In addition to that, you certainly won’t forget those marinated artichokes from the bottom of the list. It saves loads of time.

Combat Mission

To dispel doubts, I decided to make two weekly purchases in the same grocery store. For this test, I didn’t exercise in using this feature for a week. The time lapse I noted are: time to make up list + time to pick up goods and reach the cashier.

So, the first time I made up my list using my memory and standard iOS Notes. The whole process of making up the list and shopping took 47 minutes. A week later (to clean my memory) I created a new list with and it took me just 32 minutes to get to the cashier. Gorgeous!

A Bit More

While making up my second list, I noticed, that nevertheless, doesn’t know about some goods. To free yourself from typing long names like “Boscoli Spicy Pickled Garlic 12 Oz” you can simply add such names to the clipboard and paste. It works with any complex recipe.

Another great option is sharing. You can send a ready-made list to your family member if he or she goes to the store instead of you.

The Verdict

All in all, Smart Grocery List looks like a must-have feature. Practice shows, that it can really save your time and nerves. So, the only thing I want to say - choose good apps and be happy!