A New Way to Process Your Inbox Backed by Google and Venture Foundations

It takes a special sort of hutzpah to take ‘nuffsaid as the name of your startup. The project it announced was just as ambitious: overcoming the Slacklash effect and thus saving its users up to two hours daily. But now this ambition is properly backed: it raised $4.3 million from Google’s Gradient Ventures and other funding organizations.

The idea of ‘nflow, the debut project by ‘nuffsaid, is to keep user’s inboxes under control from the unified dashboard. It covers social media, messengers, email services, workspaces like Slack, and so on. The service also uses a special AI to only notify users of the messages that matter.

The search system lets users find keywords throughout all the inboxes connected. The application also has a built-in calendar of its own that integrates events based on the messages and entered manually. The concept of the ultimate communication hub for work is said to save hours daily.

The service is planned as commercial, and the cost will approximately be $25/mo, unless you are an early subscriber – then it’s $10. The greatest thing about ‘nflow is its autonomous work: if you implement it, you won’t need others to follow. It looks like a worthy offer for businesses and freelancers equally.