When to Wake Up to Have a Productive Day?

Your sleep is the main source of energy along with nutrition. And your wake-up time can determine how successful the day ahead of you will be. So, which time should you rise and shine? Let’s dig in!

Wakie-wakie, Money-makie

Everyone is a unique sleeper. Some can get up at 5:30 Am and feel as fresh as a squirrel. Other struggle to get their senses together when waking up by 10 Am. However, there’s a certain constant that helps to realize when your energy dips.

Circadian rhythm — our inner clock — indicates that there are two points, at which you will get sleepy like a sloth:

  • 1-3 Pm.
  • 2-4 Am.

You should use these ‘time stamps’ to calculate your productivity time. So, if you decide to wake up at 8 o’clock, you will have 6 hours before a flux of sleepiness hits your head.

Now subtract from these hours the time you usually spend on showering, grooming, hatha yoga, breakfast and other rituals. The rest of it is your Section A of the today’s productive time.

Section B comes at about 5 Pm when the snooziness wears out. It’s only up to you how you’re going to spend that time. For instance, Harvard Health Publishing says that it’s okay to exercise in the evening. So, maybe skipping a morning workout would let you have more energy throughout the day? 

So, the apex of your productivity is 6 hours till 2 Am. With a slightly less energetic phase after 5 Am till the bedtime. But hey, when do you need to hit the hay?

Sleep Tight & Have No Screen Light

Okay, you’ve woken up at 8. What time do you need to slip in under the blanky? If you’re in the age category between 18-60, Healthline and WHO suggest you need to get about 7-9 hours of sleep per night to feel good.

So, averagely you must be in bed by midnight. That’s a very nominal recommendation as it doesn’t include the chance of going to a party, having a night shift, shushing a crying toddler, gazing at the August Leonids, etc.

Plus, there’s another danger — your smartphone. Namely, its shining screen. As you stare at it in all its brightness at night, your brain doesn’t generate enough melatonin, according to SleepFoundation

The less of it you get, the less rest you’ll have. And the less productive you’ll be the next day. So what to do with it?

Access Denied

If you lack will power, there’s just one solution: time management and productivity apps. Have you heard about Forest? It’s an app that blocks access to your phone for a set time period.

If you’re dealing with a serious gizmo addiction, Forest can be a life-changer. Simply tell it to keep games and apps on your gadget strictly locked for the 7-8 hours of sleep time. You can even turn your sleeping schedule into a game with this app.

Each time you stay away from the phone until the timer is off, a virtual tree grows. Forest adepts compete with each other by growing millions of trees. And if you’re addicted to leaderboard achievements, going to bed on time gets a whole new competitive sense.

Sleep Well, Fell Well

If you have a free work schedule, and waking up early in the morning is beyond you, use a sleep calculator to learn at which time you’ll be most productive. However, being a nocturnal beast isn’t very wholesome. So, if you can afford it, try to change your sleeping habits. Later, your heart will thank you heartily for that.