Top Scheduling and Booking Apps to Raise Productivity

The apps that we placed here were made for busy people who value their time, their clients, and their work. No matter what you are doing, whether it is making an appointment or booking services, you will have to make room for it in your schedule, check the time and memorize it. The good old way of handwritten notes has lost its charm nowadays. You can lose these notes or forget to check them. Besides, it is not an eco-friendly way to use sources.

Choosing Apps

These scheduling and booking apps will take care of your busy day. They will remind you of an important meeting, warn you if you are missing something. You may share your schedule with your clients of colleagues to reach better productivity. Besides, there are numerous features inside the apps that no paper notes can give you. We gather here only the best apps we love and use. However, there is always room for other great apps we’ve missed. If you know some, share them with us.

Top Apps

After everything was discussed and you received useful information on how to choose apps, let’s talk about our top list. They are all well-known and popular among business people. We will talk about their prices, features, and advantages for you.


Setmore app screenshot


  • free basic options (calendars, up to 4 employees, Square payments, automated emails); 
  • premium - $25 a month (calendars, up to 20 employees, Stripe payment, text notifications);
  • live booking plan - $89 per month (24/7/365 booking by phone);
  • Pay attention! There is a 30 day free trial for Premium services with Setmore.

Useful tools

All the main features in this app are neatly placed. There is everything you want from a scheduling application. Make an appointment and send the information about, receive alerts on upcoming dates, email your clients. You can choose people who will receive notifications about the particular event. There are multiple options for scheduling as well. You are able to make group scheduling, personal scheduling, class scheduling, automated one, real-time one, and resource scheduling. Clients can leave their reviews and pay for services online.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling app scrennshot


  • Free basic plan (unlimited appointments and services, self-scheduling);
  • $15 a month for emerging plan (one calendar, reminders, time zone automatic conversion); 
  • $25 a month for a business plan (six calendars, reminders, memberships and subscriptions, gift certificates, payment plans);
  • $50 per month for powerhouse player plan (36 calendars in pack, removable branding, custom CSS and API, various time zones).


The app was made for business professionals. It is suitable for any business and is easy to use. You can make appointments with clients in no time. There is scheduling for your team available in the app, as wells as numerous locations management. The app would be helpful for coaching, club management, treatments. The app is beneficial for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments app screenshot


  • free basic services (individual plan); 
  • $50 per month – up to 5 employees plan; 
  • $90 per month – up to 10 employees plan;
  • It is very possible that you have over 10 employees. In this case, contact the app’s developers and discuss the price.
  • Both paid plans offer 30 days free of charge trial period.

Main advantages

The app was created by Square, which makes it easier to pay online and receive in-person transactions. It has a POS system inside and integration with Square POS management. As for booking and scheduling features, the app provides email reminders and push notifications, guarantees security, generates automated responses, and gives you access over employees' actions in the app. If you don’t have an online store, you can use their website.


TimeTap app screenshot


  • free basic plan(unlimited number of clients and appointments);
  • $24.95 per month professional plan for 1 user and $39.95 per team (payment processing, unlimited number of classes, 2GB file uploads);
  • $44.95 a month for a solo business plan and $74.95 for the team (10GB files);
  • All paid options provide 30 days of a free trial.


This app specializes in online booking in the first place. You are able to manage the clients, form the waitlists of appointments, and add flexibility into scheduling. The app checks the time zone automatically, based on your current location. It schedules classes and sends text notifications to participants of the event. TimeTap is a perfect tool for developers of seminars and courses.


Doodle app screenshot


  • free basic plan includes meetings, calls, personal calendar and contains ads; 
  • $4 per month – starter plan for 1 user, without ads, meetings are synced, reminders and deadlines; 
  • $6 per month – pro plan includes one-on-one meetings, custom branding and logo, personalized scheduling; 
  • team plan varies: $15 a month for 5 users, $30 for 10 users, $60 for 20 users;
  • For all paid plans there are 14 days free of charge trial.


It is a simple in use app. You don’t have to learn anything. Doodle has numerous impressive features to ease your scheduling and booking routine. For example, one-on-one meetings or a URL you can share; scheduling with collaboration, updates on changes, automated time-zones, offered time invites, reminders, syncing with Slack. service screenshot


  • free starter plan (1 custom option, 50 different bookings); 
  • $9.90 a month for basic plan(3 different custom options, one hundred bookings);
  • $29.90 per month for standard plan (eight features, 500 various bookings);
  • $59.90 per month for premium plan (custom options without limit, 2000 possible bookings);
  • For plans with over 2000 bookings, contact developers. All paid plans offer 14 days of a free trial.


This is an incredibly flexible scheduling tool. You may use not only all the basic features, but choose customized tools according to your plan. It is up to you which feature your business requires. Via this app, you have access to the booking website, monthly bookings, gift cards and coupons, automatic notifications, and more. As for the custom options, there are statistics and metrics, group bookings, classes, promotions, and POS systems.


Calendly app screenshot


  • free basic plan (1 calendar for a user, one event type, branding, email support);
  • $10 per month premium plan (2 calendars, event types unlimited, Calendly branding may be removed, custom reminders and emails, 3 hour support of email, live chat for over 10 users); 
  • $15 per month pro plan (6 calendars for user, coloring for widgets of website, payment processing, SMS alerts);
  • All paid plans have a 14-day free trial. If you don’t pay after it, you will receive a basic plan.

Main advantages

This is probably one of the best scheduling apps. It comes with numerous amazing features. It suits for busy people who want to put their schedules in order. You receive smooth planning of one-on-one meetings, collective meetings, group meetings. And even round-robin meetings. You can use the personal link of Calendly, send notes and emails, set appointments, detect time zones automatically. This is a customizable app.


Booker app screenshot


  • $129 a month for essential plan (reminders, notifications, logins, 20 reports);
  • $239 a month for accelerate plan (extra security, customized customer fields, email campaigns, appointment customers confirmations);
  • $349 a month for unlimited plan (text support, emails, feedback, reviews, advanced reports);
  • There is no free plan.


The main focus of the app spa and salons. Main features of Booker help to build advanced beauty business and increase the number of customers. There are numerous professional booking pages that can be made via the app. You may use Book Now button for your website and sign up your clients automatically. Scheduling features are flexible according to your clients' needs.


Bookeo app screenshot


  • $14.94 a month for a solo plan( 1 staff, one consultant, 200 bookings a month);
  • $29.95 a month for small plan (three consultants and staff members, 1000 bookings);
  • $39.95 a month for standard plan (20 consultants, staff members, 1000 bookings);
  • $79.95 a month for large plan (40 consultants and staff, 2000 bookings);
  • No free plan, but there’s a 30 days trial.


Bookeo is stuffed with amazing features to help small businesses become prosperous. There are numerous basic tools like text notifications and automatic emails, widgets for a calendar of client appointments, bookings that are recurring. There are schedules for employees and tracking of appointments, videos and pictures, and more than 30 languages.



  • free basic plan (app’s branding, form fields, bookings, meeting types); 
  • $10 a month for premium plan (automated reminders of booking, integrations, conversion trackers, branding can be disabled, priority in support);
  • The premium plan offers 15 days of free use.


The app was originally made to improve the quality of business meetings and scheduling appointments. It has a focus on leads and sales. Its basic free features are impressive, with automatic confirmations of emails and reminders. With the app, you can easily gather payments from your clients, and integrate sales dynamics into your schedule.

Which App to Choose

There are actually no apps that look exactly the same and provide similar features. So, it is really hard to choose among them. You have to concentrate on your own needs and peculiarities of your business. There are free services and trials in every app we mentioned. All you have to do is check each of them. If you have not found your favorite app here, write its name in the comments below and tell us about its features that are crucial for your business.