Top 5 Apps To Get The Genius Memory

The rumor has it Johnny Mnemonic could remember anything he saw, heard, tasted or sensed. That's because he had a power-cheat in the form of futuristic technology. We are too far away from having implants that can make us superhumans. But there are a few apps that can reverse your memory from deteriorating and generally sharpen your brains. Our Top 5 Genius Memory apps are exactly what you need.

1. Covve — Now, Who's That Guy?

Price: freemium

Covve app screen

Probably you have an extensive number of contacts in your phone book. In fact, there are so many of them, you can barely remember half of the crowd! And here's when Covve comes to the rescue. Covve is a clever little app that will help you identify a person in your phone book momentarily.

It collects all the available info about a contact of yours: online activity, articles, and even profile photos. If you have ever had a date, rendezvous or a business meeting with them — Covve will let you take a note on how it went, what the agenda was and when it took place.

Now you don't have to force your memory to remember who exactly these mysterious Barry or Helga from the contact list are. But recalling something forcefully is actually a great memory exercise.  

Covve won't let you forget any single phone book contact of yours.

2.  Reminder — Slay the Dragon of Sclerosis

Price: free

Google Keep app screen

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. Both iOS and Android have stock, native tools that can remind you of an important thing. And geo-reminding is an unfairly neglected feature. For instance, having a Google account allows you to make a reminder that is based on a certain location.

You're nearby your favorite hair salon? Google will gently alert you that you want to cut your gorgeous locks. You're at the groceries? Grab a dozen of eggs, please! Pet-shop? Anti-worm pills and a new scratching pole have been on your bucket list for quite a while now.   

iOS fans can do the same via the Reminders app. Time reminders are pretty helpful too. They can alert you that you wanted to go to bed 30 minutes earlier, that it's time to jog in the sunset-lit park or that dinner time is approaching.

Apple/Google reminders are a great solution if you don't want any extra apps.

3. Peak — Be at the Peak of Mental Development

Price: freemium

Peak app screen

Peak is a mobile application for those who actually want to make their brains work. It has no reminders, sticky notes, prompts or voice memos. Instead, it offers a rich repertoire of games that boost your mental flexibility, increase reaction, sharpen intelligence and improve memory.

The games include:

  • Tap Trap;
  • Must Sort;
  • Word Hunt;
  • Bubble Bots;
  • Perilous Path;
  • Partial Match;
  • Memory Sweep.

And many others. Some of them train your memory. Others train mental agility, attention focus and even increase your vocabulary. But no matter what game you start up — it will influence your memory improvement either directly or indirectly. An especially beneficial game is the one that challenges you to remember certain visual patterns. It's an ancient technique derived from legendary Raja Yoga — 'Mental Yoga of Kings'.

Peak turns tedious exercises into fun games.

4. Squid — A clever ocean dweller

Price: freemium

Squid app screen

Seafood is the perfect brain fuel. It contains a massive amount of Omega-3 that positively influences your memory. Though this Squid app is digital, but the job it does is almost as good!

You see, scribbling has always been recommended to people who suffer from memory issues. That's because it employs your fine motor skills that in turn make the memory and speech centers of your brain develop. And your gadget's screen could be a perfect canvas for hand-written notes.

By writing your thoughts down, not only will you put your fine motor skills to work. Also, you will focus on formulating your musing, thus memorizing it much better. So be a good squid and move your tentacles!

Squid is a creative and unique memory helper.

5. Word Breaker Full — Guess all the Words!

Price: freemium

Word Breaker Full app screen

Crosswords and other word-related games are often neglected as an old lady's entertainment. Quite undeservingly though. By having to extract another complicated word from the depth of your memory, you get a solid mind exercise and also maintain a rich vocabulary.

The app includes Jamble, Words With Friends, Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles, Wordsmith and others. There are integrated dictionaries. So if you encounter some complicated terminology or just forget the meaning of a word — it'll be a great opportunity to learn something new.

Word Breaker Full will refresh both your memory and lexicon.

Remember That...

These apps are just trainers. To make your memory bloom and blossom you'll also need a good Omega-3 diet, healthy sleeping, more physical activity, etc. Hopefully, some of the Top 5 Genius Memory Apps will become your personal forget-me-nots. Let us know if you find them helpful in the commentary section.