Our Choice of Educational Apps for Android

Mobile learning is a state-of-the-art and totally fascinating possibility. It allows you to pore over a metric ton of amazing ebooks, insightful tutorials, and limitlessly precious expert tips. That relatively tiny mobile device in your pocket with instant internet access is the best learning tool you could ever imagine. Let’s face it, in our era of never-ending technological advancements, you can master almost any skill if you take advantage of mobile learning – and if you are persistent enough, of course.

Our productivity experts have compiled a lengthy list of the best educational apps for Android for you. By utilizing them, you can launch your own Portable University for nonstop learning.

EdX: Higher Education without Limits

EdX is a one of a kind educational app. Instead of featuring courses and tutorials from various experts, it features courses from actual colleges. This won’t give you a legal college degree, alas. Nevertheless, it provides college courses various subjects such as history, statistics, psychology, nutrition, coding and many more. Top of the line video presentations, course brochures and handy seminars - and all of it is absolutely free. If you’ve missed out on higher education and would like to catch up, EdX is the best educational mobile app for you. 

Google Play Books: Read, Learn, Sync

The Google Play Books app has evolved tremendously since it was first established in December 2010. Today, it’s one of the fanciest applications for learning out there. By using it on your Android device, you can access free books and buy the premium ones. It presents a wide array of educational material, as well as countless books of all possible genres. Feature-wise, the Google Play Books application comes with all the technical possibilities you would look for in an excellent reading/educational app. In addition to this, it allows you to sync all your bookmarks, notes and reading positions among all your gadgets – as long as you’re signed in with the same Google account. That’s what we call convenience!

Khan Academy: Educational Platform for Everyone

Khan Academy is a fantastic educational platform where you can access a plethora of courses, tutorials, and classes. It focuses on more traditional education, e.g. Economics, Science, History, Art, Chemistry, Biology, etc. The app features categories from broad topics to narrow fields. On the functionality side, with Khan Academy, you can keep learning even if you’re offline.

Furthermore, your progress syncs between your gadget and the Khan Academy website, which implies high quality and speedy learning. Khan Academy is a great extra tool to assist you in exploring challenging subjects on the run. And it’s absolutely free to use!

Quizlet: Flashcards for Learning on the Go

Quizlet is often referred to as one of the best flashcards applications on the mobile learning scene. Over 30 M students make the most of its perks each month, memorizing vocabulary terms, practicing for their classes, exploring history, science, and art. The application is foreign language-friendly, it features photographs and videos, and you can exchange flashcards with your fellow students. You can either use the free version of Quizlet to get a restricted quantity of flashcards or opt for the advanced features that allow you to enjoy the application without limits.

Socratic: Take a Photo, Get the Answer

Socratic is a revolutionary educational application and a life-saving homework helper. Whenever you come across any difficulties doing your homework, just take a picture of an issue you’re interested in, and Socratic will provide you with instantaneous solutions, clarifications, detailed instructions, and even video tutorials. The app supports a wide selection of subjects, such as Math, English, Chemistry, History, Economics, etc. Socratic is absolutely free!

SoloLearn: Educational App for Coders

This application features a huge collection of free code learning materials, from beginner to advanced. You will discover myriads of programming topics to learn coding basics, polish your programming skills, and stay up-to-date with the newest computer language trends. There are many programming languages up for grabs, such as Python, Java, CSS, PHP, SQL, and even Swift. The app is totally free and boasts five-star user ratings. 

YouTube: Practice Makes Perfect

YouTube is probably the most effective mobile application for practical education. You can discover a multitude of video tutorials on literally any topic from tons of makeup hacks to stuff like how to solve a rubik's cube or how to paint a room. As a secondary learning source, YouTube is to die.

Have you tried any of these educational apps for Android? Which one do you like best? Participate in the discussion below and share your favorite apps for learning with other readers!