Keyboard Apps Are Your Next Time-Savers

Could you go a day without your smartphone? Probably yes, but the question is, would you really want to? We doubt it. Our favorite mobile applications keep us in touch with people we love, inform us about the daily news, and grant unlimited access to our favorite portions of entertainment whenever and wherever we need it. However, despite the convenience of mobile apps, you may oftentimes feel overwhelmed by how many of them you need to tap through before you achieve a certain goal.

For example, have you ever edited a cute video on mobile before sending to a friend? Remember how annoying and time-consuming it can sometimes be? You close the video flip application you’re in, open another one (say, to apply text and your favorite bokeh effect), then another one – to add your all-time-fav song with a fadeout effect, of course. Then you switch between your messenger apps to discuss the issue with your friend and say hi to your Mom… So much extra tapping and lots of wasted time!

Now, imagine the fantastic possibility to access all your favorite apps and more from one single place - your alternative keyboard. Sounds like a dream come true? With Fleksy, the fastest customizable keyboard app in the world, this dream has now become a reality. This innovative keyboard app allows you to access anything you need without ever leaving the app you’re in. Time-saving and hassle-free, this AI keyboard app seems to be your go-to time saver.

More Than Just a Keyboard App

Launched in 2011, Fleksy was initially planned to be a keyboard for users with visual impairments. In 2016, Pinterest acquired Fleksy and a year later, the keyboard startup dubbed ThingThing located in Barcelona unveiled its plans to take control over the app’s development. The current team’s main goal is to make the app more intuitive and effective by incorporating new mini-apps and extensions.

The Fleksy app developers have one more ace in their sleeve: they are adding an app store for the keyboard on Android. In this store called Fleksyapps, Android users can find and install mini apps to boost their typing speed, enhance their typing experience and i.e., save their time performing various tasks on the go. Currently, Fleksyapps works in a trial mode for users to get a glimpse of how things will function. The full version will be launched at the end of April 2019.

The first selection of in-keyboard apps includes such familiar brands as Yelp, Skyscanner, Emoji, Giphy and more. In addition to this, the application features the so-called Fleksynext AI assistant. This assistant will suggest a location or service you most likely need based on the keywords you use in your online conversations. According to the Fleksy Team, for the very first time, users are free to enjoy any apps they like in their Android-based keyboard, without any restrictions.  

Fleksy Keyboard App: Building Scale

According to the dev team behind the innovative app, what we now have on the app store will be represented at the Fleksyappstore. The main difference is that all-things-Fleksy are focused on the messaging process. The next step for the Fleksy team is attracting users to their product which by the way has already acquired approximately 13 million regular users from mere downloads. In addition to this, Fleksy is ambitiously planning to become the default Android keyboard in the near future.

The idea of an alternative keyboard app itself is not new. There are currently multiple keyboard applications available on both iOS and Android. Nonetheless, only one of them has won a Guinness world record for being the fastest alternative keyboard for mobile devices in the world. Now, this very fact speaks volumes about the innovation’s huge potential, don’t you think? Cutting to the chase, with Fleksy, we may be a few months away from experiencing the speediest access to content through any app.