Best Collaboration Services Of 2019

Online services have already intruded into our everyday life. Many successful companies use online collaboration services to save time and simplify their workflow. How to choose a proper one? We’d like to represent to you the list of most useful collaboration services of 2019. Keep on reading the article about top services to be more productive to find out what will work best exactly for you.



Convo is a tool for corporate communication, file sharing, and task setting. The service allows you to organize the communication process within the company and its divisions, so you can easily manage the activities of colleagues, track the working process, and have access to the information archive.

The service provides the ability to create groups for various activities and conduct communication within them. In each message, the user can add a document, illustration, video, give a link to a third-party service, import data from DropBox, Google Drive or other applications. 

The software is intended for corporate use. At the same time, groups within the account can be public and visible to all employees, or private with limited access. Convo is free to use for a group of 15 people, but larger organizations have to buy a subscription in order to enjoy the whole functionality.

G Suite

G Suite is a unique service for business that includes online file storage, calendar sharing, and other features of Google Cloud. G Suite is mostly popular among freelancers and SEO managers. The service allows you to use your favorite Gmail features with the added benefit of modest advertising on your site in every sent message. 

G Suite is also available for cross-platform usage. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations created using G Suite look exactly the same on any device and are available anywhere, which makes it convenient to share with your colleagues. All your files are stored on Google Drive, which provides 30GB of free storage.

G Suite lets you stay in touch. Use Hangouts for online meetings or quick calls. There are also companies that practice online interviews with their potential employees all around the world.



Slack is a convenient tool for teamwork, designed to replace all the services for communication. The service allows you to communicate with colleagues from any device (cross-platform usage), upload and send files, write messages, and make calls. Developers stated that Slack was created to replace Skype and other instant messengers used by companies for communication between employees, as well as corporate mail.

A special advantage of the messenger is its integration with other services, such as Google Drive, MailChimp, Google Docs, Twitter, Trello, Google Hangouts, DropBox, GitHub, and many others. The basic version allows you to search only by the last 10 thousand messages, integrate with ten applications, and use 5GB of storage.



ProofHub is a project management tool that collects data of all current projects, helps with staff management (including remote workers), and communication with clients on one platform. The software allows you to organize the entire development process: from the idea to the final reporting to the client, while controlling the time and resources spent.
ProofHub coordinates all data of the project on one dashboard, which includes tasks, discussions, breakpoints, notes, files, timing, and deadlines. Discussions help to optimize communication while discussing ideas and making decisions. You can add dependencies to each task and assign them to specific specialists.

The notes tool allows you to create public and private notes. The time control function makes it possible to predict the workload of employees and the terms, as well as calculate the hours spent for invoicing the client.

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a cloud-based communications solution that conducts online meetings, voice calls, video calls, and conferences. The platform runs on the web and is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

The system is especially useful popular among large business companies, government agencies as well as freelancers, and remote specialists. The service provides the ability to join meetings, record calls, exchange files in real-time, schedule calls and meetings, and notify your colleagues about them. 

Share desktop, send files, and save recorded conversations in the cloud. Communicate via personal and group chats with notification of sending and reading messages by the addressee. Amazon Chime has a free period of using for 30 days. After that, you’ll have to buy one of the subscription options to continue using its full functionality.


Huddle is a project management and collaboration tool. The service helps to optimize the workflow of current projects and increase the overall efficiency of staff. The platform is intended for finance, consulting, advertising, marketing, logistics, construction, medical companies, and government institutions, as well as the media. The application can be used both by the company itself and by its customers.

Share the documents with your colleagues. Huddle provides a separate commentary feed, where you can mention a co-worker through @. Documents can be opened in a third-party application and then synchronized in the service itself. Each user is assigned access rights to files and folders. Subscription options start from $10 per month.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an effective system of planning, tracking, and collaboration. It allows you to create a project plan and task lists, work in a team of employees and clients, as well as receive detailed reports and schedules of projects.

The platform is designed for businesses of any size and direction. Zoho Projects allows you to track and correct project flaws, as well as monitor the activity of staff. The service provides constant access to the project documentation, including documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to all staff, including the remote workers. All participants are connected to an hourly timesheet in which you can calculate payments and automatically generate invoices. 

The visual progress is shown using a Gantt chart. You can also track the time spent thanks to schedules, export data to XLS, PDF, and CSV formats so that you can send them to the clients.


Bitbucket is a professional tool for collaboration for WEB and application software. The platform offers a variety of subscription options, and therefore suitable for both novice programmers and students, as well as professional development teams. Academic subscription is provided free of charge, on the same conditions teams up to 5 people get access to the program.
Bitbucket is not just a code management tool. Bitbucket provides teams with a single center for project planning, code collaboration, testing, and deployment. Build, test, and deploy code using the built-in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Take full advantage of configuration like code and fast feedback loops. The service is free for small teams (up to 5 participants). With further expansion, you can draw up a Standard plan ($ 2 per user per month) or a Premium plan ($ 5 per user per month).

RealtimeBoard (Miro)

RealtimeBoard is an unlimited collaboration board service. The program can be used instead of paper stickers, connecting employees and clients to the workspace. The platform optimizes teamwork, allowing you to conduct operational brainstorming sessions and participate in the process from anywhere in the world.

The system is suitable for both individual use and teamwork in the organization. RealtimeBoard is designed for small and large businesses, freelancers, sales and students. The platform allows you to download files, documents, and pictures from a computer or Google Drive. Video calls, comments, and chat will help you to always stay in touch with the team. You can invite third-party participants to the boards, limiting the rights to view and edit, each user can create an unlimited number of projects with the visualization of processes. The system provides reports on the activity of participants, and a dedicated manager for training will help organize your subscription and create individual templates.


This is one of the most famous online collaboration tools. Igloo coordinates the work of the staff and helps to work together on projects easily. Assign and track tasks, view customer information, upload files, track time spent on tasks and discuss them in the comments or the forum. This minimalistic task management tool allows you to distribute tasks by people or categories, monitor the working process using filters, and communicate or change plans with your team in real-time.

Less talk, more work

We hope you’ve found something useful for your team. Now, it’s time to make changes and introduce the chosen service to your colleagues. But before you start increasing your productivity, let us know which option you liked the most! Share your opinion using the comments section below.