Best Apps for Everyday Productivity

Staying focused and productive during the day can be rather difficult. There are just too many devices, services and instruments that require your attention, and sometimes you just can’t help but get distracted and lose your train of thought altogether. And that means you waste precious time on things you don’t really need, postponing important work while procrastinating.

However, the digital world seems to have a solution to the problem it creates. There are a lot of different apps that help you block all potential distractions and focus on your tasks. Some of them focus more on taking notes and tracking your activities while others help you set goals and increase productivity. Let’s take a closer look at the most interesting of them and try to find out what productivity app is best for you.


Pocket screenshot

When you need to work, every video, song or article poses a threat to your focus. While a few minutes or even seconds you spend on them seem almost irrelevant, they sure do make it much harder for you to stay on a task and to come up with new ideas. And these minutes tend to become hours, days or even months when taken as a whole. So you definitely need something to save that time.

Pocket offers a rather elegant solution. It doesn’t block every distraction completely but rather creates offline copies of every piece of interesting content you encounter during work – so you can access it later. There are even options to tag that content and categorize it. However, you have to pay a subscription fee to access all of the app’s features, and it’s quite costly – about $45 a year.


evernote screenshot

Evernote is one of the most well-known apps that boost your productivity. It gives you a variety of instruments to work on your tasks, so you don’t need anything apart from it. The list includes things like tools for drawing and taking notes, and you can add external photos and pictures to your notes. All in all, it’s simple enough yet powerful, so it’s probably a great starting option for every professional procrastinator.


trello screenshot

Trello is one of those productivity apps that help you track your progress in different projects. You can manage all of them with only one simple interface that shows you every important detail. Moreover, there’s an option to work on tasks together with your friends or colleagues, and the app also has a convenient sorting mechanism that allows you to keep your work neatly organized.


Todoist screenshot

Todoist is another example of task-oriented apps that focuses more on making to-do lists (hence the name) for a couple of tasks at once instead of monitoring single goals. The interface of Todoist is quite simple. You just need to create a note for your task once, and then you can copy it for other days or set a reminder. Of course, the app allows you to track your progress, too. It can really help you stay motivated while working on lingering tasks that take months to complete.


Wunderlist screenshot

Wunderlist is a task management app that specializes on making your to-do lists readily available on any other device. It means you can access them anywhere you go or share with other people in real-time, which is really convenient. Of course, the app has all of the standard tools for you to organize your work, including reminders, lists, searching instruments, and so on.


TripIt screenshot

While most productivity apps help you deal with your work, TripIt focuses more on your vacation. It helps you keep every bit of important information about your trip just a few taps away. You can use this app to store information about your flight, your hotel, or your rental car. Moreover, TripIt reminds you about your flights, so you won’t miss them anymore.


RescueTime screenshot

RescueTime allows you to track how much time you spend on different activities. It works in the background of your device and monitors every minute of other apps usage. RescueTime uses this data to offer you detailed statistics on your productivity illustrated with neat graphs. It takes just one look to see whether you spend too much time reading the news or checking your e-mail, so you can identify the most time-consuming activities and take some measures. screenshot is an e-mail management app that helps you get rid of junk mail. If you waste a lot of time sorting hundreds of useless e-mails trying to find something important, this app is what can solve that problem simply by unsubscribing from them automatically. However, if you still want to receive at least some of your junk mail, you can use to round-up your subscriptions into just one e-mail a day.

Find The Best Combination

All of these apps are special in a sense that they cover only one or two aspects of your everyday life. So don’t be afraid to combine them – and the result should be able to help you fight procrastination and focus on your work.