Best 6 Team Collaboration Tools for Mac

We live in a highly connected world, therefore, it is not a secret that digital software such as collaboration tools took center stage in our life. They help to increase the performance of the organization, engage more people in problem-solving and ideas creation, and improve the relationship between colleagues. In fact, collaboration tools are critical in a highly-connected world, but not all companies adopt cutting-edge solutions. In our blog post, we want to uncover the best solutions that should help increase the workers’ productivity, no matter what kind or size of business you have. 

Asana — keep track of the projects


Asana is one of the veterans in the world of collaboration tools. But that doesn't stop the platform from staying in the TOP and the most advanced services rankings. Asana started the work in 2008. It was founded by Dustin Moskovitz, known as the Facebook co-founder, and Justin Rosenstein, ex-Google-and-Facebook engineer. 

Asana has a full range of features designed to help people improve team collaboration and simplify the process of projects’ tracking. A number of big corporations are using Asana as the method of communication between different teams. Users can create projects, assign work to certain people, define the deadline, and communicate directly in Asana. Moreover, you can integrate the platform with other external tools such as time tracking software. The reporting tools, opportunity to attach files and calendars are also available in Asana. 

Zoho Projects — effective way to plan your work

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is free online software that you can install on Mac. As with any collaboration tools, it has convenient features that allow you to plan and organize the work. In addition, Zoho Projects has an advanced system of insights. Using Gantt charts, you can visualize the schedule and see the progress of tasks. To notice the deviations from the planned time, you can set up the baseline. 

Zoho Projects allows you to connect to work not only your colleagues but also vendors, clients, and consultants. Also, it is an incredible tool for managing remote teams where the work is paid based on working hours. Zoho Projects has an in-build feature to log the billable and non-billable hours. Then, due to integration with Zoho Invoice, the invoices automatically generate from the timesheets. Another useful feature is the opportunity for tracking code changes in GitHub and Bitbucket. 

Slack — smart platform for desktops and mobiles


Slack is the collaboration tool that needs no introductions. Beginning as an internal service for Tiny Speck (today it is known as Slack Technologies) during the Glitch game development, it is used by millions of people and organizations today. The main advantage of Slack is its advanced messaging platform that offers many IRC-like features. For example, you can create persistent chat rooms and organize them as you wish: by topic, private groups or direct messaging. All the files, users, and conversations are searchable within the platform. Note, there is a limit: the free plan allows you to see and search only among to up the last 10 000 messages.

Slack integrates with a number of third-party services such as Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, Heroku, and so on. The service even has a separate directory that consists of 150 different integrations. Users can install them anytime. 

Mattermost — online free chat service


Unlike other services described above, Mattermost is open-source. It means that you can view the code or contribute to its development anytime. Just find the repository on GitHub. Initially, Mattermost was developed as the internal communication tool for SpinPunch, a game developer studio. Today, in media, Mattermost is considered as the main alternative to Slack. Therefore, it has a lot of similar features. In addition, Mattermost is highly customizable: you can create any numbers of the teams working together while each of them will have its own members and channels. 

Scoro — business management software for increasing performance


Scoro is more than just a messaging application. It combines different project management tools with time and team tracking, sales, billing, and other professional services automation. The platform was founded in 2013 by Fred Krieger. With Scoro, users can track their finance flows, manage the client base, generate invoices, and much more. Also, you can integrate other tools: Apple or Google Calendar, Toggl, Outlook, Xero, MailChimp, etc. We liked Scoro for its wide range of features. All the collaboration tools described above commonly focus on a certain feature: a messaging platform, for example. But here you can find the solutions for different business tasks. 

Basecamp — a comfortable web-based collaboration tool


In fact, Basecamp is one of the most trusted web-based collaboration tools. Here, you can create the project, track the to-do list, attach the documents, schedule messages and discuss the projects. The main idea of Basecamp is keeping all the information related to the defined project in one place. 

Basecamp is a great solution for those managers who need to keep an eye on several projects. Setting up reminders, you can be notified when you are late on a project. Basecamp is free for single users and paid for enterprises. 

Share your favorite collaboration tools

Above we mentioned the most used and advances collaboration tools for running and managing your business. And now we want you to share your favorite collaboration tool that you use in your company. Write a word on it in the comments below.