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Amazing Frog? review

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Amy Morton

Amazing Frog? review

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The Amazing Frog? is an indie game that was created by Fayju and released in 2014. The game is still officially in the “early access” state, so the developer quickly reacts to the user’s notifications about bugs and flaws.

General overview

The game has pretty easy mechanics: your main aim is to explore the world through various means. There are several worlds you may get access to, and some points of the game contain special mysteries you may try to solve. It is worth mentioning that the game is approaching its final stage before official release through V3 (or version 3). It is currently undergoing the beta-testing period in order to prepare the stage for new players and refresh the experience of gameplay for those who joined during early access. By the way, it is recommended by the developer to check out the game while it is still at the development stage.

Technical characteristics

Amazing Frog? is currently available on three platforms: Windows, Mac OS Linux/Steam OS. All three of them require 6 gigabytes available on storage, from 4 to 16 gigabytes of memory, depending on the system, and from 2 to 4 gigabytes for graphics stable work. If you want to fully enjoy your experience during the play, then try launching it on a powerful computer that is able to handle all the required criteria.

Why is it so necessary? Well, this game is being adapted not only for single players but also for teaming up and playing with your friends either with a shared or split-screen. It is possible to use Remote Play features to get some new experience from playing, so it is only up to you how to apply the given settings. As for the graphics, there is a choice of vehicles, various weapons, and costumes that you can unlock while playing – everything to make the game more and more addictive for a user.


It is still pretty early to give a definite review of the game, as there are many features that may go through rapid changes, so, as for now, the game seems quite enjoyable for playing and relaxing. Various reviews by players throughout these almost six years show the positive reaction, so, maybe, after entering the official ranks, it may become the next hit among users.


  • Quick reaction from developers
  • Great possibilities of customization
  • Ability to play with other players
  • You can relax while playing it.


  • Unknown duration of early access
  • Not each system can handle it.

Gameplay 4

Graphics 5

Replay Value 4

Controls 5

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