2013 Mount Shasta calendar

2013 Mount Shasta calendar

Photographer Karrie Snure will be really excited to reveal her brand new Mount Shasta calendar on 1st January, 2013, not because the planet survived 21st December, 2012, but she herself produced the calendar.

Blending her very own snaps of Mount Shasta along with other photographers, the calendar 2013 features quotes as well as stories from historical figures and locals regarding their experiences with 14179 peak.

Karrie Snure took on as the editor of the calendar from photographer/writer Jane English. From 1990 to 2011, Jane produced the calendar called ‘Mount Shasta: Where Heaven and Earth Meet.’ Snure told that she saw her photography on Facebook, and this triggered a relationship and a conversation. She wanted to continue the similar vision like Jane, as a community effort.

Other photographers sported in this calendar include Shelby Thorner, Brian Kerr, James Allen, Sean Malee, John Veltri, Lani Phillips, Wanda Welbourn, Cindy Diaz, Larry Turner and Sky Delight. Up close and personal pictures clicked from the slopes of the mountain by Sean Malee complement those clicked from Burney as well as Shasta Lake Dam.

Snure told she chose the snaps for their diversity and impact. Several snaps show lenticular clouds, which is an instance of one of Mount Shasta’s most prominent peculiarities. On two snaps, Karrie Snure shares the settings of her camera. She also shared the stories how those images were clicked. She likes sharing her knowledge of photography and helping people.

Snure reveals the story of clicking the November picture, named “Sleeping Beauty.” In that snap Mount Shasta is swaddled in a huge lenticular cloud, when a full moon falls through a second mottled cloud above.